Bathampton Conker Crossing Consultation Results

A big thank you to everyone who took time to give us your views and suggestions about our proposals to create a new safer foot and cycle bridge for the community between Tyning Road opposite Bathampton Primary school and King Edward’s School playing fields.

Our results below are supported by two more detailed tables that can be viewed on our website that set out both the responses from the Public to the proposals and the Conker Crossing team’s response to any questions, views or suggestions provided during the Consultation.

We received 61 pieces of written feedback as part of the consultation period just closed. In summary:

  • 57 of 61 responses (93%) supported the project to build a new bridge. Three people didn’t answer this question and one didn’t support the project
  • 41 responses (67%) wrote that they fully supported the design in the comments box while 9 responses (15%) provided no comments, including on the design
  • There were 22 (36%) responses that offered suggestions, questions or challenged elements of the proposal. Of these, 4 (7%) suggested alternative materials, 2 (3%) preferred an alternative location, 2 (3%) felt it was out of keeping and 3 (5%) raised concerns about how cyclists would safely share the space with pedestrians.

The next task of trustees, design & planning team over the summer is to pull together the public responses and the pre planning advice from both the Council and Canal & River Trust to develop the full planning proposals.

Finally, a fundraising update. We have made great progress against our target of £10k for this phase and thank you if you have contributed.  We only have £4.5k left to raise! Should you support the proposals, please consider giving a donation.

One way to help us raise funds is by supporting a PUB QUIZ being held by the George Pub on Monday 20th August 19:00 for a 19:30 start. You are welcome to come along with or without an arranged team. £1 entry per person. If you are coming with a group of friends, please book ahead using

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