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Planning Application

After our work with community stakeholders and team of local specialists to create the design and proposals, our Planning Application was registered on 2nd October 2018 with reference 18/04394/FUL. Please visit the B&NES portal to view materials. The Trustees have also provided a letter and FAQ to sit alongside the Application as an update.

We were granted permission on 25th February 2019 and B&NES Highways have now taken responsibility for the detailed design and procurement process.

Public Consultation

Our Public Consultation ran from May to July 2018 and is now closed. We are still very happy to hear from people about our project. Please do get in contact using the form below.

The proposals we consulted on:
The results of the consultation:

We had 61 pieces of feedback on our plans – thank you to those who gave us their views.

We have produced two documents from this:
1. Consultation responses from the Public
2. Our response as the Conker Crossing team to specific points raised


  • 57 of 61 responses (93%) supported the project to build a new bridge. Three people didn’t answer this question and one didn’t support the project
  • 41 responses (67%) wrote that they fully supported the design in the comments box while 9 responses (15%) provided no comments, including on the design
  • There were 22 (36%) responses that offered suggestions, questions or challenged elements of the proposal. Of these, 4 (7%) suggested alternative materials, 2 (3%) preferred an alternative location, 2 (3%) felt it was out of keeping and 3 (5%) raised concerns about how cyclists would safely share the space with pedestrians.

The next task of trustees, design & planning team over the Summer is to pull together the public responses with the pre-planning advice from both the Council and Canal and River Trust to develop the full planning proposals.

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