Bathampton Conker Crossing and Primary team up for Fringe arts Bath

We are delighted that all pupils at Bathampton Primary have contributed to the school’s installation at this year’s Fringe arts Bath, supported by the Conker Crossing Trustees. Their work is on display as part of #getoutofthecar at Unit 20 Milsom Place daily 10am to 6pm until Sunday 10th June.

The school has been collecting travel to school data regularly for the last three years . With it they both encourage active travel in a fun & meaningful way, as well as make the case for road safety improvements locally. Over time, the benefits of safe, active travel have grown to be part of their everyday conversation as a community. #getoutofthecar’s themes of data and transformation are perfect as a result.

Given the Conker Crossing project, Trustees, pupils and Mrs Huntley started to think about what they knew about local bridges. They asked themselves where they were in Bath, what they looked like and what data there was about how many vehicles travelled over them.

The installation puts the new school kiln to good use, purchased by the Friends of Bathampton Primary last year. Year 6 pupils have made copies of local bridges and there are also bridges that visitors can place on a map of Bath to show where a new bridge could unlock active travel in the city.

It was important that every pupil had the chance to contribute, so alongside the map and bridges is a domino rally set for visitors to play with to provide food for thought as to how powerful data can be. Every child has illustrated a domino with how they travel to school and would like to. It is our usual travel to school ‘hands-up survey’ done in a creative way! Key Stage II pupils have also modelled their answers in clay.

The message from the children is clear – we love being active and want to do more of it!


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