We aim to enable everyone to enjoy a safe, active, shared crossing over our beautiful canal.

Our proposal is located in Bathampton between King Edward’s School playing fields and Tyning Road, connecting walkers and cyclists with the canal, city and beyond. It would offer a much safer alternative to the existing, dangerous horseshoe bridge.

Proposed design seen from the towpath

View from the towpath

We have set up a charitable association and put forward a pre-planning application to B&NES Council and the Canal & River Trust. We held a public consultation between 20th May and 20th July 2018. Please see our Proposals and Feedback page for consultation materials and results. We will put the public response together with the outcome of the  pre-planning process to progress to a full planning application.

Through voluntary work, reduced rates and cash donations we have raised the equivalent of £18,000. This has paid for the feasibility, pre-planning phase, outline bridge design and our community exhibition. Not included in this figure is the input of the three volunteer Trustees who give their time and skills for free. Read more about them in the blog.

If you support what you see today, please help by donating. We have just £4500 of our £10k target left to raise to enable submission of a full planning application.

Us raising this ‘community contribution’ will help support the progress of the project. B&NES Highways team has indicated it will work with the community to explore available grants for the majority of the project cost. In the event of a successful planning application and attracting funding, the Trustees would look to work with the Parish Council and B&NES to deliver the new bridge.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

The Trustees – Fiona Powell, Cheryl Cook and Terry Wagstaff


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